Sunday, September 24, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday with Kalkin.

This week #SixSentenceSunday is from Kalkin, our first book in our new series of Apache County Shifters. TL and I started this book a while ago. I think more than three years ago. We had the idea, outlined it and started writing. And then we just stopped, both agreeing something wasn't working.

We moved on to writing our TSU series writing Unrequited Mate and Sorority Row.  Since TSU intertwines with ACS we loved adding the humor of older shifters from our ACS world, even though we had yet to finish a single book in the series.

It gave us the spark we needed to get back to Kalkin. Which we did, with a vengeance. Kalkin is our biggest book to date at 103K words!

TL and I loved writing Kalkin. Often we'd giggle together at the funny parts or tear up at the deeper family dynamics.

Kalkin is currently in editing. We finished our first round just last night. It has a tentative release date for January 9th, 2018 with After Glows Publishing.

TL and I like to joke we're patiently impatiently waiting for the cover, which has the model we always envision for Kal.

Her head snapped up when she heard Dani call out. Deep in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized Danielle didn’t follow her, or the fact she stood beside the wrong vehicle. Damn it. She glanced up. Kalkin still stood in the same spot where she left him and Caden continued to sit at the table while Dani walked in the other direction.
“We need to get Aiden, and he is this way.” Her sister pointed to Mrs. Martin’s store down at the other end of the street. She felt the flush flare up her in her cheeks as it dawned on her: she’d forgotten all about the pup or what they were supposed to be doing while in town. This is why you can’t have nice things.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday from Darkness Rising from the London Calling Box Set

This week's #SixSentence Sunday is from Darkness Rising available in the London Calling Box Set due to release October 17th, 2017.

Initially, when TL came to me, telling me of her idea and asking me if I wanted to co-write the series with her, I almost told her no. It was way out of my comfort zone. Steampunk? Victorian? I knew next to nothing about Steampunk. As to Victorian, I cut my teeth reading Historical and Victorian romances before moving onto Contemporary years later. But this by no means made me qualified to write them!

I can never tell TL no. (I think she knows it too!) She has a new idea. Let's go for it. A new plot twist. Let's do it, see where it leads us. Obviously, I didn't tell her no on this either, because I think it's good to go out of our comfort zones and experiment. And so we began writing it and to my surprise, I loved writing in this world, researching the terms and time period. Darkness Rising was just one of those books that worked. It was easy, it was fun and we had it written in no time. And both of us are extremely proud of the work we put into it.

Here are our six sentences, although I'll be honest, it's more than six. But I don't think anyone will mind!

“It is not lacking. I am well educated in how to kill monsters of any kind,” she snapped.
 “We are not monsters,” he corrected her. “You might get further with us if you stopped referring to us as such.”
She snorted. “What would you call yourselves than?”
“Not monsters. Monsters have no feelings, no thought or care to protect those of the world we live in.”
She cocked her head to the side. “You consider yourself humans,” she whispered.
“Monsters have no humanity. We have, thankfully, retained some of ours.
She snorted. “You are aware Jonah murdered a female other night.”
“I am. It was an accident, and you realize, humans are also capable of taking another person’s life. It was never his intent to take her life. The spell, which brought back those creatures and activated the ley lines, it affected him since he is, well…undead too.”
“He is dangerous,” she stated the obvious.
“We all are. Even you, Miss. Craig.”
“People are not moving to the other side of the street to avoid me,” she hissed.

“True. But given the correct circumstances, you are just as capable of taking a life as any one of us. I can assure you Jonah does not make a habit of going out to kill females. It is just not his way. It is none of our way.”

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Sunday, September 3, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday with Unrequited Mate

Since TL and I are knee deep in writing Bearing It All, our third book in our TSU series. I thought today I'd share six sentences from Unrequited Mate, the book which started it all. It was my first contracted book, although not first published. Hayden and Nico will always have a special place in my heart because of that. 

Hayden Raferty, left behind her entire family and all her friends to get away from her mate, Nico Lopez. In a single night, he crushed her hopes and dreams of finding true love. Now, years later, Hayden has decided to move on and start over. 

Nico Lopez knows he screwed up, but letting his mate walk away isn’t in his plans. It's time to make his move. With a little help from 555-ROAR, Nico obtains a spot in the Greek Shifter Games and is determined to show his mate there isn’t another male worthy of her. If has to put his body on the line to prove it, so be it.

“Little wolf,” he crooned. So lost in thought, she hadn’t seen him scale the wall and position himself in front of her.

“I’m not your little wolf anymore, Nico.” She looked everywhere but at him. “You’re also not very original.”

“Oh, you still are. I am going to prove it.” He took her hand in his and kissed her knuckles, ignoring her comment. “Make sure you’re watching me out there.” He gave her a cocky grin then jumped back down and got into line.

“He’s dreamy,” Emma sighed.

“Sure, in a mangy mutt sort of way,” Hayden agreed.

“He’s not mangy at all,” Terri sighed.

Hayden’s lip curled. “Sure.”

“Don’t poke the wolf,” Zoe piped up. “That guy is her mate. Hands off. Eyes off.”

“Sorry,” Emma murmured. “I didn’t know.”

Hayden’s shoulders sagged. She hated being a raging bitch. “Don’t worry about it. He’s not really mine. Everyone keeps saying he is, but it’s not true.” The horn blew again, giving her an out on the conversation. “I guess we should pay attention now.”

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Sunday, August 27, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday ~ WIP Bearing It All

Welcome to another Six Sentence blog post! 

This week I'm bringing you six sentences from Bearing It All, the next book in our TSU series, which is currently a WIP. 

It features Bodhi Raftery and Emma Monte. Bodhi, a wolf shifter from they Raftery Pack. His story is a sad one, raised as an orphan even though his family lived in the same town he did. Emma is a curvy bear without a clan. She is also an orphan. Her parents both died when she was young. She loves her journal, anything 80's related and of course her mate, Bodhi.

We're having a ball writing their story and using 80's music to inspire us. Each chapter has a specific song to help. A play list will be included in the book. Eric Carmen's Hungry Eyes was the inspiration for this chapter.  

“Don’t let anyone push or rush you into something you’re not ready to do, Emma,” Zoe advised.
“Okay,” she mumbled, unsure where this conversation was going.
“Raftery men are a different breed of shifters. You’ll figure it out once we get to Window Rock and you see Bodhi’s family. Especially his uncles.” Zoe gave a low, sexy whistle. “Every one of them hotter than the last. Particularly Kalkin and Caden. Although I want you to pay attention to their mates. It’ll be an eye-opening experience for you, I think.”
“You lost me, Zoe.”
“It’s okay.” Zoe gently patted shoulder. “You’re a smart cookie. I bet you have it figured out before you fall asleep tonight.”

Thank you for following along!

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday from Rule Breaker (Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T Book 1)

This week, I bring you six sentences from Rule Breaker, the first in our new series for Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T through After Glows Publishing.

Asher Rainer is blunt, crass and takes charge Commander of R.O.O.T. Asher wasn't looking for love during a mission, but sometimes when you least expect it, is when it happens.

“You think I don’t break the rules?” It pissed him off that his team had this stupid assumption he never went against the grain and was perfect.
“I know you don’t, boss,” O’Malley replied confidently.
“How about the fact I know twice a week, every week for the last year plus, when we’re on base, Hanover sneaks out to top his lover at one of the safe houses on the outer perimeter?”
O’Malley’s face blanched.
“Or how Murray used R.O.O.T. resources to locate his baby sister, who was snatched off the street in front of their home ten years ago. Or better yet, how about the time you snuck Ginger onto base and fucked her in your room. A place she wasn’t supposed to be or have clearance to even be on base,” he taunted.
“Boss,” O’Malley hedged.
“Nope. You started this. I’m stopping it, right fucking now. Who do you think wiped the traces of her being here? Wasn’t you, that’s for damn sure. You were too involved in your pussy,” he sneered. “You want to spout truth, let’s do it. Who do you think did it?” he demanded when O’Malley refused to answer
“You,” Jake finally answered.
“That’s right, motherfucker. Just like I removed all traces of Hanover’s weekly jaunts,” he snapped.

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