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The Boss of Me by Merryn Dexter

The Boss of Me
(1Night Stand Series)
By Merryn Dexter
Releasing January 27th 2017

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN: 978-1-68361-142-4
Word Count: 20,700
Cover Art: Fiona Jayde


Dear Madame Evangeline…
Lou Jones loves her job, but she can’t ignore the attraction she feels for her boss, Daniel Smith. She contacts the 1Night Stand dating service hoping a little fantasy role play will help her get over her crush.

I want to see you in my office…
Daniel can’t believe his eyes, or his luck, when a misplaced letter gives him a shocking insight into the erotic thoughts of his personal assistant. The chance to satisfy her fantasies and make his own dreams come true is too tempting to resist.

This is fantasy, nothing more…
As they explore their every desire, Lou and Daniel find keeping reality at bay is harder than they thought. Will their 1Night Stand deliver the satisfaction Madame Eve prides herself upon, or are they just too close for comfort?

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“Bring the file here and place it on my desk.” He settled more comfortably into his chair, steepled his fingers beneath his chin, and admired the sway of her lush hips. She placed the file down as instructed then folded her hands in front of her, eyes still averted. Schooling his need with an iron control, Daniel waited.
Her chest rose and fell, the slight hitch in her breath pressing her breasts against the thin silk of her blouse. The tip of her tongue peeked out, dampening her coral-pink lips, and a bolt of lust drove him from the chair. Ignoring Lou, he strode to the door and locked it. He doubted there were many people left in the building at that time of day on a Friday, but he wouldn’t risk anyone interrupting them.
Pacing back to the center of the room, he stopped to admire the hourglass lines of her figure. The heels looked even better from the back. Balancing on their slender points gave extra definition to her calf muscles.
“Do you know why I summoned you, Ms. Jones?”
Her breath seemed to catch in her throat. Her voice barely above a whisper, she said, “No, Mr. Smith.”
“You will call me Daniel.” The visceral need for her to know who was about to touch her surprised him. He wanted to hear his name on her lips as she sighed, moaned, and fell apart at his command. Her head bobbed in acquiescence, and he spoke again. “I summoned you because you canceled our appointment this evening.”
She half-turned, seemed to catch herself, and straightened to face the front again. A thrill of satisfaction curled in his gut. Each little act of submission from her proved sexy as hell. “Did you do as I requested?” he asked. Her skirt clung to her hips and ass with no hint of a panty line, but he couldn’t be sure.
“Yes,” she murmured.
A bolt of lust rocked him on his heels. He wanted to crawl on his hands and knees and fawn at her feet, but she had been very specific in her email—her fantasy required him to be the boss, to take control and dictate his desires upon her.
“Show me.” The rasp in his voice couldn’t be helped; his body tingled with anticipation. Her hands gripped the hem of her skirt and began to raise it, inch by tantalizing inch. The material cleared the back of her knees, gliding higher to reveal the lacy tops of her thigh-high stockings, the soft expanse of her tanned thighs.

About the Author

Merryn Dexter is a military spouse who, after a varied employment career (from selling sandals to old ladies with bunions to being a health and safety coordinator for a construction company), is thrilled to be pursuing her dream career as a romance writer. She likes The Winchesters, Spike, Hotch, Loki and watching complicated European Noir. Her hobbies include crying at books, crying at movies, crying at tv serials (there’s a theme!) and believes all stories should have a Happy Ending.  

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BHW Winter Solstice releases

As the snow falls, the pack gathers in Los Lobos. Secrets will be revealed and new love stories will be told. It's time to run with the Tao Pack once more.

Winter Fairy Tale by TL Reeve

Sayer Blackcrow, isn't looking for a mate or even contemplating settling down. So spending his evenings in Custer for a woman he doesn't want to like, but finds he can't resist, is the best thing for him. However, what he won't admit to anyone is that she is his mate. When Drew and Gee show up ten days before the Solstice and announce he must bring home his mate or face the wrath of his alpha, he does what he has to. Doesn't mean he likes. it. What's worse, Gee announces there's to be a scavenger hunt and he's to participate with Kizzy.

Kizzy Rhapsody, isn't sure what's going on. One minute she's living in Custer and the next she's in a town she had no idea existed. What she does know, is her friend has been keeping secrets and the man who brought her there isn't talking either. Though she enjoys being in Los Lobos, she can't stand the lies, or falling for a man who isn't willing to trust her. But, with the Winter Solstice festivities approaching, she agrees to give both a chance.

Fresh, local honey is their item.

With no bee hives on pack lands, Sayer and Kizzy must work together to find their object. When a chance phone call, takes them out of town for their item, Sayer realizes his quirky little human is more than meets the eye. With the solstice upon them, he finds himself willing to move heaven and earth to make these festivities the best time of her life.

And if he ends up mated to her? Well, there are worse things that could happen.

Stolen Kisses by Merryn Dexter

A woman looking for a connection
Following her grandmother’s death, Sadie Burrows-King leaves the only pack she’s ever known in search of family ties. Crashing into Los Lobos, literally, she finds herself face-to-face with a man who calls to the lonely wolf inside her.

A man on the fringes of society
Orphaned wolf, Easton Quaid, survived the cruel years of Magnum’s reign by the skin of his teeth and the kindness of others, of the pack, but not really part of it. His world turns upside down when a new wolf blows into town. It will take every ounce of patience to claim her as his mate.

Stolen kisses
Set a task in the scavenger hunt, Sadie and Easton must work together. Proximity and attraction lead to stolen kisses and more between the pair. The mating call is strong, but is it too much for her to handle?

Secrets and celebrations
A new family, a new pack, and the temptation of a new mate. Sadie had everything she ever dreamed of, right? As the Winter Solstice celebrations get into full swing, old secrets are revealed. Sadie faces the decision of her life. Is she a solid, reliable Burrows, or a flighty, untrustworthy King? It’s not only her heart at risk if she makes the wrong choice.

Winter Awakening by TL Reeve

Sarah Philips has come home after almost twelve years. Married to a man she planned on claiming as her own, and telling him about the babies she carried, she never got the chance. Now, the mother of twin, ten-year-old rambunctious boys, she knows what true happiness is along with the gut wrenching pain of loss.

Ero and Luc Mathews, the dark and light twins, are waiting for the one. For the last year women have come and gone from their life without that spark of recognition. When Sarah steps into Los Lobos CafĂ© looking for a job, the punch to Ero’s gut, shocks him to his core. But, he worries the connection won’t be there for his brother.

Love and Luc aren’t synonymous with each other. Where his brother is the ever optimist, he’s more incline to sit back and let everything play out. However, when he sees Sarah in the Convenience store, he can’t stop thinking about her. There’s something hidden within those amber-colored eyes of hers.

With the solstice upon them, Gee enlists their help in a little scavenger hunt of sorts. They have ten days to find their item and present it to him on the night of the festivities.

Having to work together keeps them in close quarters, and ignites a passion she hasn’t felt since before her husband died. But, with two children and a nosey mother always asking questions, it doesn’t leave time to consummate their budding mating. However, on the night of the solstice, both men will have what is rightfully theirs. The only question is; can her heart stand another chance at love?

Winter Solstice Run ~ Giveaway!

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New Release of Oracle's Vision!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fans! Michele Ryan and I are doing a spectacular giveaway for Oracle's Vision. All you have to do is follow the google link and fill out the form. The grand prize is a 7" Kindle Fire.


Amanda Culter needs a time out. After spending much of her life on the run with no one believing her, she's committed the ultimate fuck up. She allowed her friends and unit to walk into a trap, killing three and hurting her best friend, Ben Kogan. With the orders to recharge and gain the ability to trust those around her, she heads to Wiccan Haus, hoping they can figure out what happens next. She never expected to meet a polar bear with a surly disposition or an oracle. Nor was she expecting either of them to be her mates.

A change is coming.

Niamh Laleh, Oracle and green witch, is happily mated to the man who stole her heart over seventy years ago. But when a vision of a sad, distraught Auburn haired woman fills her dreams night after night, she knows what she has to do.

Arcades Bennett knows not to question his mate's visions and when she says she must go to a place called Wiccan Haus and seek out the woman in her dreams, he agrees. What he isn't prepared for is finding a second mate.

Resisting the pull grows impossible as their friendship blossoms, but when push comes to shove, can he seal all three of them, or will Amanda slip right through their fingers?

Excerpt:333 BCE
Euphrates River

The trap was set. For so long, she’d struggled under the rule of Darius the III. Their rotten families did nothing but use her gift for ill. Of course, so did her parents. In the beginning, they’d used her stories as ways of gaining what they wanted. Her father yearned for the shepherd’s land to graze his paltry, malnourished sheep. Her mother desired only the finest of silks to wear, so she sought to take the tent of a merchant—by force if need be. Her parents conspired day and night, devising schemes of foolhardy nature.

Nai talked in her sleep occasionally. Her ramblings, though not meaningful to her at the time, held a wealth of information her parents could take advantage of. They wrote down everything and, after several days of planning, they went to Darius the III himself, to tell him of the treachery befallen the beauteous city of Pasargadae. Enraged by the plots to overthrow him, Darius the III pulled the shepherd from his land, and the merchant from his stall, and threw them into the putrid cells of the capital. Two days later, their heads were severed from their bodies as a reminder to everyone who challenged Darius the III rule.

When Nai learned her sleep-addled babbling had helped kill those who had the audacity to have more than her parents, she refused to help them or the king in any endeavor, instead choosing a more solitary life.

Unfortunately, being an oracle had its limits. She never knew what would come of her life, only the lives of those around her. If she happened to be have a personal connection to them, she sometimes received glimpses of her future entwined with theirs.

Five summers came and went and during that time, she learned to control her visions. Honing them to the point where she could rest without fear of spilling someone’s future.

She was fifteen when Darius the III’ men appeared at her hut, took turns raping her until they each had their fill then brought her battered body to the king. His cold, venomous words rang clear in her head. “A pity an oracle such as you would resist the finer things in life. A gilded cage is where you’ll stay until such time I see fit to release you on my prey.” Later she found out, through slaves and concubines, her parents sold her to the king.

Her enslavement had brought her parents two goats and a chicken, plus the envy of those who conspired with them….

The years passed with little to no change in her status. If she had thought to escape, all those she considered friends died horrible deaths in front of her. Since she’d refused to voluntarily help, she never saw their deaths and, in turn, shame and guilt weighed heavily on her soul, leaving behind a black stain she’d never remove.

Two more years passed. Deep sadness settled over her like a dark cloud promising flooding rains. “Ah, there you are,” Darius the III said, a brilliant smile spread across his lips. “It is time to fly, my beautiful bird.” He clapped his hands twice and a harem of women descended on him. “Tonight, you will greet the great Alexander, and you will destroy him.”


His smile never faltered as he spoke. “By feeding him misinformation, of course.” His gaze slid over her and revulsion slithered down her spine as he brushed his knuckles against her cheek. “I have spread many rumors of your powers and your beauty. We both know Alexander can’t refuse a willing, tantalizing woman.” Darius’ arrogance knew no bounds. “When he sees the great oracle has gone free, he will take you for his own. Then I will use his ego to crush him and those who dared to fight by Alexander’s side.”

She lifted her chin in defiance. “And if I don’t?”

He snapped his fingers. A woman appeared, carrying the infant she’d given birth to no more than three months prior. “I will kill your daughter.”

No. Though she’d been blind to the life expectancy of her child, she also couldn’t allow him to kill her. This was her one chance to free herself and her daughter. “Fine. When I have done this task, you will release my child. Send her away.”

He fisted her hair and gave her a shake. “This is not a negotiation. Go. Now. Spread your legs for the mighty Alexander the Great. If you are successful, you’ll live another day.”

Desert winds whipped around her. The sandstorm had forced Alexander’s men to take shelter behind the dunes. The day had finally come to watch those who ruthlessly used her die slow, torturous deaths. After spending years locked in a cage overlooking the city she once considered home—while being beaten daily if she didn’t reveal some tidbit of information—she found her freedom. A caged bird no more, she stretched her wings and took comfort from the man in her dreams. Alexander the Great. Alex, to those he cherished. And cherish her, he did.

The man had a fetish for boys and women. She even participated in his dalliances a time or two. He was a skillful lover, bringing her to heights untold. Then he cared for her with the utmost tenderness. She fancied herself half in love with the general. Though her kind of love came through rose-colored glasses and little girl fantasies. And, though she could not call him hers, she stood beside him, taking down those who caused her pain.

Nai relayed to him the plans Darius the III put into motion to destroy their army at Gaugamela and seize control of Macedonia. Revenge, pure and simple, had been on her mind along with saving her baby and she had the perfect plan to subvert Darius’ men.

At twilight, a lunar eclipse began. The sky darkened, masking Alexander’s men as they advanced. Perched on a sand parapet, she watched as one by one Darius’ men fell under the cover of complete darkness. By the end of the eclipse, none of Darius the III’s men remained. Their blood soaked the sand and traveled down the Tigris River.

Yes, her version of revenge was sweet and satisfying. However, she never returned to the palace to rescue her daughter. Instead, she had the babe whisked away with Alexander’s help.

The orgy that followed the battle was hedonistic. The sharing of male and female flesh, decadent. Writhing with the wave of arousal and sexual energy flowing through the ornate tent in the middle of the desert amplified all of her abilities. They ate and drank from the flesh, while fucking at leisurely paces. She thrived with Alexander. Became a master manipulator with Alexander. Though she saw his death the day she joined him, she’d not change a single minute of their existence together. The lessons she learned, the fears she vanquished, were all due in very large part to him. The last time she left his tent, three weeks before his death, he wished her well. “In this life and the next,” she whispered, then took her leave….

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New Release ~ Renewed Spirits by Merryn Dexter

Renewed Spirits
A Wiccan Haus story
By Merryn Dexter
Releasing September 20th 2016


A Desperate Woman
Wiccan Haus is Raegan’s last hope for a miracle. Unable to produce an heir for her husband, she finds herself abandoned and penniless. Raised to be the perfect wife and mother, her failure has broken her spirit.

A Reviled Demon
Zamahl comes to Wiccan Haus seeking meditation and relief from the never-ending sexual urges of his incubus nature. Driven to seek their true mates, incubi are the ultimate one-night stand from which some females never recover. Shunned throughout the para realms, he doubts he will ever find a woman to satisfy the demon within.

A Forbidden Passion
When Raegan meets the copper-eyed stranger, a passion she never believed herself capable of awakens. Zamahl is horrified by his burning attraction to the timid little human. Humans, weak of mind and body, are to be avoided at all costs.

As the Summer Solstice celebrations continue, Raegan must decide what she really wants from life, and find the courage to claim it. She must overcome Zamahl’s doubts, the disapproval of one very unhappy were-tiger and the fickleness of Fate to find true happiness.

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Concentrating on his dinner companions had been a test of his self-control and his self-congratulation at keeping his cool dissolved the moment he watched her slip from the room. Need had gnawed at his gut until Serena and Kaleb had excused themselves and he’d found himself on the patio. The threat of Rekkus pounding his head into a solid surface could not keep him away from this particular human.

Sitting close to her was an act of supreme masochism. The urge to gather her into his arms and carry her to his room crashed against his control as inexorably as the roll of the waves into the rocks below.

Ripe. Ready. Mine for the taking.

He shuddered, grabbing the wicker frame above him in such a hard grip the wood groaned beneath his hands. She was a contradiction; a puzzle. Her shy demeanor and hesitant questions at odds with her throaty plea from their earlier encounter.

Touch me...

Lord and Lady, now she talked about the hot springs. Images of her sliding into a steaming pool, pale skin shining in the moonlight, flooded his brain and he moaned aloud.

“Are you alright?” Her breathy voice sounded too close for comfort and he peered beneath his raised biceps to see her perched on the edge of her seat, leaning toward him. The angle provided a revealing glimpse of the tops of her lush breasts and the wood beneath his hands cracked.

“Who’s Marshall?” Husband? Lover? Tell me you are involved, and I’ll find some way to leave you alone.

She sucked in a shaky breath, fingers balling around the handkerchief clutched in her hands. Her expression clouded for a few long moments before clearing and he watched in fascination as she smoothed the material over her knees and folded it into a neat square. Shoulders braced, she stared him straight in the eye. “Marshall is the past.”

The demon screamed in exultation and Sam cursed himself for asking the question. “Go to bed, little mouse.” He growled.

Confusion furrowed her brow. “Excuse me?”

“You need to go away and leave me alone.”

Publisher: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN: 9781683611035
Word Count: 26,300
Cover Art: Fiona Jayde

About the Author
Merryn Dexter is a military spouse who, after a varied employment career (from selling sandals to old ladies with bunions to being a health and safety coordinator for a construction company), is thrilled to be pursuing her dream career as a romance writer. She likes The Winchesters, Spike, Hotch, Loki and watching complicated European Noir. Her hobbies include crying at books, crying at movies, crying at tv serials (there’s a theme!) and believes all stories should have a Happy Ending.  

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An Introduction of sorts….

Thank you for stopping by! I realized the other day that it would behoove me to do an introduction of sorts, so here it goes. My name is Michele Ryan, although that’s not completely my really my name as I use a pseudonym. When I dove into this world of writing, I didn’t know if I’d feel comfortable using my real name. I know… I know what you’re thinking. Why?! Who wouldn’t love to see their name in print…on a published book no less!

Well, that’s easy. You see I have three young children, who all happen to attend Catholic school. I know another author who informed me that she received some backlash when she first got published. Her son also attended Catholic school. As a mom, I feel my job is to always protect my children. Although not ashamed of what I write, this path was my choice and not my children, so Michele Ryan was born.

Michele is actually my middle name and Ryan is my husband middle name. Therefore my writing name still has great meaning to me.

I’m a 45 year old, who curses like a sailor and is a stay at home mom.  Although to be honest with you, I feel odd stating that I’m a SAHM since all three of my children are in school full time. But it is what I am and I’m quite proud of it. I have a 9-year-old daughter (whose a handful) and two boys, aged 7. If you haven’t figured it out yet. They are twins, identical to be exact. So for the last 9 years, I’ve been really busy!

I’m also an avid reader. I found reading when I was a teenager and I haven’t looked back. Just recently I found the first book I ever bought from my babysitting money.  Debbie Macomer’s Yesterdays’ Hero, published in 1986 through Silhouette Romance. It was $1.95. From there, I found Julie Garwood, Brenda Joyce, Linda Howard, Jude Deveraux, Irish Johansen, and Johanna Lindsey. The list goes on and on. I actually still have a bunch of books that I bought in my younger years. They are my treasures, and I go back and read them from time to time.

I continued to read for years, till I met and fell in love with my husband. My priorities changed, as did where I spent my money. Then about five years ago, my husband bought me a Kindle. Which I’ll admit, I didn’t want and refused to use for a long time. It wasn’t like a book, which I could hold in my hands and smell the paper and the print. I eventually sucked it up and started looking at Amazon. But I was lost. Authors I had loved no longer wrote in the historical genre that I loved. My husband told me that Amazon had free books, so I started with those. Then I found Lora Leigh. The first book I read was Tempting the Beast. Not a prude by a long shot, the writing shocked me. In a good way of course.

The books I had read previously, either implied sex or spoke about a man root and a woman’s flower and they never used words like, fuck, come or pussy. I found erotica and I loved it. I promptly bought and downloaded the entire Breed library up to Lion’s Heat.

From Facebook I found a group of people who also loved Lora Leigh’s Breed series. It was there that I was introduced to TL Reeve, who even though I have only spoken to her over chat, text and Skype has become one of my best friends and now my writing partner.

In 2013, I experience another first, a book conference. I was blown away and glad my friend Debbie asked me to go with her. I went into RAW 2013 with eyes wide-open, taking everything in. It was there, during a panel listening to Lora, Sylvia Day and Dana Marie Bell talk that I realized that they did the same thing I DID! I was totally gob smacked.

I realized during that panel that I wasn’t crazy!  The characters I would often build in my head, and the scenes I used to play out in my mind was exactly what these authors were doing!  Who the hell knew!

I knew what I wanted to do right then and there. I came back home and while waiting for my truck to be serviced, I timidly asked, ok I beat around the bush and finally asked TL if she’d like to write a book with me. Nervous didn’t even begin to explain how I felt that day. TL was already an established published author. Why the hell would she want to write with me?!

Needless to say, when she said yes, I almost passed the hell out. I told her the idea that I had. She liked it and we built it from there. Coming up with the names of our hero and heroine. Little by little we worked on it and it evolved. It started off as a M/F but TL felt it would work better as M/M/F.  I’ll deny it to the day I die, but she was totally right. That story is called Mating Their Witch. It took us almost two years to write it, but we did and our plan is to self publish that.

We’ve also written two books that have been picked up by Decadent. One is through their ROAR line; the other is through the Wiccan Haus line. I’m also working on my own book for the Wiccan Haus line. *Fingers and toes are crossed that it’s picked up.* As I love Molly and Ben’s story and would love the opportunity for you guys to read it.

I also have been working on a couple other books on my own. There will be 3, maybe 4 books in the series. The 4th one is still up in the air, and has nothing really to do with my original idea. The character jumped off the page at me as I wrote the first book. So we’ll see. I can tell you, they are contemporary and the first book is completely done and as it stands now is a little over 100K words. I’m sure once I get it edited it’ll be a bit smaller. I’m slowly working on the second book in this series. These will most likely be self-published also. But we’ll see, as I’m not sure what life has planned for me yet!