#SixSentenceSunday WIP from our Apache County Shifters Series: Kalkin

This week, I bring you six sentences from our newest series: Kalkin. TL and I have lived and breathed this family of characters for many years.

Yesterday, we were finally able to type the end to our first book in our Apache County Shifters series.

It is also our largest book to date, coming in at over 100K!

 For your enjoyment, I bring you Kalkin: 

“So, what is your next tradition?” she asked trying to distract herself from his imposing presence. 

“Well, we are going to go for a little run through the woods.” Kalkin smiled at her as he sat down on the couch, to slip on his boots. “And I am going to catch you.” He growled. “Then, I am going to make you mine.” The idea of him catching her and fucking her out in the middle of the woods, caused goose bumps to appear on her skin and her panties dampen.

 “T-the woods?” She stuttered, anxiety and excitement coursed through her body. “I don't think that is a good idea Kalkin.” She shook her head, not ready to admit how much it actually was a good idea. “There are wolves out there! Pretty big ones too!”

 “Do you trust me?” He stepped closer to her.

 “Yes. Yes, I do.”

 “Then trust me to protect you,” he stated plainly, exuding a quiet confidence to do exactly what he said.

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