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BHW Winter Solstice releases

As the snow falls, the pack gathers in Los Lobos. Secrets will be revealed and new love stories will be told. It's time to run with the Tao Pack once more.

Winter Fairy Tale by TL ReeveAmazonAmazon UKAmazon CAAll Romance BookstrandNookKoboiBooks Google Play Smashwords Add to your Goodreads shelf
Sayer Blackcrow, isn't looking for a mate or even contemplating settling down. So spending his evenings in Custer for a woman he doesn't want to like, but finds he can't resist, is the best thing for him. However, what he won't admit to anyone is that she is his mate. When Drew and Gee show up ten days before the Solstice and announce he must bring home his mate or face the wrath of his alpha, he does what he has to. Doesn't mean he likes. it. What's worse, Gee announces there's to be a scavenger hunt and he's to participate with Kizzy.
Kizzy Rhapsody, isn't sure what's going on. One minute she's living in Custer and the next she's in a town…

New Release of Oracle's Vision!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our fans! Michele Ryan and I are doing a spectacular giveaway for Oracle's Vision. All you have to do is follow the google link and fill out the form. The grand prize is a 7" Kindle Fire.


Amanda Culter needs a time out. After spending much of her life on the run with no one believing her, she's committed the ultimate fuck up. She allowed her friends and unit to walk into a trap, killing three and hurting her best friend, Ben Kogan. With the orders to recharge and gain the ability to trust those around her, she heads to Wiccan Haus, hoping they can figure out what happens next. She never expected to meet a polar bear with a surly disposition or an oracle. Nor was she expecting either of them to be her mates.

A change is coming.

Niamh Laleh, Oracle and green witch, is happily mated to the man who stole her heart over seventy years ago. But when a vision of a sad, distraught Auburn haired woman fills her dreams night after night, she knows w…

New Release ~ Renewed Spirits by Merryn Dexter

Renewed Spirits A Wiccan Haus story By Merryn Dexter Releasing September 20th 2016

A Desperate Woman Wiccan Haus is Raegan’s last hope for a miracle. Unable to produce an heir for her husband, she finds herself abandoned and penniless. Raised to be the perfect wife and mother, her failure has broken her spirit.
A Reviled Demon Zamahl comes to Wiccan Haus seeking meditation and relief from the never-ending sexual urges of his incubus nature. Driven to seek their true mates, incubi are the ultimate one-night stand from which some females never recover. Shunned throughout the para realms, he doubts he will ever find a woman to satisfy the demon within.
A Forbidden Passion When Raegan meets the copper-eyed stranger, a passion she never believed herself capable of awakens. Zamahl is horrified by his burning attraction to the timid little human. Humans, weak of mind and body, are to be avoided at all costs.
As the Summer Solstice celebrations continue, Raegan must decide what she really wants fr…

An Introduction of sorts….

Thank you for stopping by! I realized the other day that it would behoove me to do an introduction of sorts, so here it goes. My name is Michele Ryan, although that’s not completely my really my name as I use a pseudonym. When I dove into this world of writing, I didn’t know if I’d feel comfortable using my real name. I know… I know what you’re thinking. Why?! Who wouldn’t love to see their name in print…on a published book no less!
Well, that’s easy. You see I have three young children, who all happen to attend Catholic school. I know another author who informed me that she received some backlash when she first got published. Her son also attended Catholic school. As a mom, I feel my job is to always protect my children. Although not ashamed of what I write, this path was my choice and not my children, so Michele Ryan was born.
Michele is actually my middle name and Ryan is my husband middle name. Therefore my writing name still has great meaning to me.
I’m a 45 year old, who curse…