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#Six Sentence Sunday with Midnight

It's been a crazy week. Last week when I posted my #SixSentenceSunday we were trying to find a new home for our Apache County Shifters Series. This week we found one. We've been picked up by TEP (Twisted Erotica Publishing). We have contracts already for Kalkin and Caden. Kalkin is scheduled to be re-released sometime in June, Caden in September.  We're both really excited, especially since our Beta readers are totally in love with Caden.

We also got a brand new cover for Kalkin. It's to die for! TL and I are totally in love with it and can't wait to show it!

This week, I'm not going to give you my sentences from either Caden or Kalkin, instead, I'm going to do it from Midnight. This book will be released June 19th and it's part of the BAD Alpha Dad series. It's up for pre-order now. This book is part of our Window Rock Universe and the sub-series called Psychic Retrieval Agency or PRA. This series takes place approximately twenty-five years after …

Six Sentence Sunday with Caden.

To be honest, the beginning of last week wasn't a good one for us. I'd even go as far and say it sucked for us.

Unforeseen issues, outside of our control with our publisher, meant we had to find another home for Caden. This means the July 10th date we had for Caden's release, is no longer a possibility. You may also notice, Kalkin, has been pulled from all retailers. This was a hard day for TL and me. Thankfully though, we got our rights back on Kalkin.

The only thing keeping us going, TL found a new home for our Apache County Shifters series(YEAH!) and we've now submitted both Kalkin and Caden to the new publisher. We're just waiting for contracts for both of them. Keep your fingers crossed that will hear information soon and can get release dates for both books, specifically Caden out to everyone!

Another positive, and it allowed us ended our week on a high, we sent Caden out to a couple of our beta readers and we've heard nothing but positive comments from …

Six Sentence Sunday with Rule Breaker

This week's #SixSentenceSunday is from Rule Breaker. The first book in our R.O.O.T series. It's an action-adventure Military Romance novel. We had a fun researching and writing this first book. We hope at some point this year to at least start writing the second book in the series.

Our hero, Asher Rainer was a blast to write for the simple fact, he has no filter. He says whatever is currently floating around in his head. TL and I knew we'd done it right when our editor informed us she'd never read a character as blunt as Asher.

If you haven't had a chance to get Rule Breaker, now is your chance, since it's currently on sale on Amazon only for 1.99.  Rule Breaker Amazon buy link.

See below for my contribution for today's Six Sentence Sunday.

“I want a lawyer,” he announced as he picked himself up off the ground and slumped back on the bed.

Asher would have the damn bed, chair, and table removed from the room when he was done talking to the jackass. Tinsman …