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Six Sentence Sunday with Kalkin!

Kalkin was released this week and let me tell you, TL and I are blown away by the support and love we have gotten for this book. It means the world to us, especially since we've been planning, building and working on this book for almost 6 years. We truly love these characters and we are glad so do our readers!

We have already started writing the next in the series, titled Caden and our goal is to have it published in July. And of course, how we work, we're already starting to think and plan out Rapier, the 3rd book in the series. Stay tuned to either our Facebook pages or the Apache County Shifters blog for sneak peeks of Caden. We've already put one up! Follow this link to read it!

And now here are my six sentences, a peek at our bad ass alpha!

“Kal dropped Royce before he turned to address her. Royce hit the dusty ground, bouncing hard before he lay sprawled on his back again. “He’s a wolf-shifter, he’ll heal within hours or he can shift to help speed the process up. H…

Six Sentence Sunday with Bearing It All

Happy New Year! During the Holiday season, I took a small break from posting, but now with everything calming down, I am back!
My six sentences are coming from our upcoming release, Bearing It All, which is due to release March 15th, 2018. Pre-order price is .99 cents!
This book is another big step for us since we’re going to be self-publishing it. It’s a good thing because it gives us more control while allowing us to take the story in the direction we see them going.
Now to the book. We met Emma and Bodhi in Unrequited Mate and Sorority Row. But now it’s time to allow the sweet bear her turn to shine.
Emma carries a lot of responsibilities on her shoulders and has weight issues. Bodhi is a hot-shot football player, who absolutely adores everything about his mate, especially Emma’s curves.