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#SixSentenceSunday with Rule Breaker.

It's Sunday again, so you all know what that means. I'm going to give you six sentences from either a WIP or an already published book.

It's not always easy to pick which book, or even which six sentences to pull to give you a glimpse into our work. Sometimes those sentences just pop right out at me and other times, I struggle to find them. This week was not the case. Those six sentences just jumped right out to me and I went with it!

The last couple weeks, TL and I have been both giving the sentences from either Bearing It All, Kalkin and even Caden. I thought I'd change it up this week and give you six sentences from Rule Breaker. It was published in August and is the first book in our R.O.O.T series.

TL and I had a lot of fun writing and researching this book. It's a Contemporary Military Romance with an HEA.

Here is the blurb:

Asher Rainer, a tough as nails commander, leads an undercover black ops group: Project R.O.O.T. sanctioned by the U.S. government. What …