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#SixSentenceSunday ~ WIP Bearing It All

Welcome to another Six Sentence blog post! 
This week I'm bringing you six sentences from Bearing It All, the next book in our TSU series, which is currently a WIP. 
It features Bodhi Raftery and Emma Monte. Bodhi, a wolf shifter from they Raftery Pack. His story is a sad one, raised as an orphan even though his family lived in the same town he did. Emma is a curvy bear without a clan. She is also an orphan. Her parents both died when she was young. She loves her journal, anything 80's related and of course her mate, Bodhi.
We're having a ball writing their story and using 80's music to inspire us. Each chapter has a specific song to help. A play list will be included in the book. Eric Carmen's Hungry Eyes was the inspiration for this chapter.  
“Don’t let anyone push or rush you into something you’re not ready to do, Emma,” Zoe advised. “Okay,” she mumbled, unsure where this conversation was going. “Raftery men are a different breed of shifters. You’ll figure it out …

#SixSentenceSunday from Rule Breaker (Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T Book 1)

This week, I bring you six sentences from Rule Breaker, the first in our new series for Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T through After Glows Publishing.

Asher Rainer is blunt, crass and takes charge Commander of R.O.O.T. Asher wasn't looking for love during a mission, but sometimes when you least expect it, is when it happens.

“You think I don’t break the rules?” It pissed him off that his team had this stupid assumption he never went against the grain and was perfect. “I know you don’t, boss,” O’Malley replied confidently. “How about the fact I know twice a week, every week for the last year plus, when we’re on base, Hanover sneaks out to top his lover at one of the safe houses on the outer perimeter?” O’Malley’s face blanched. “Or how Murray used R.O.O.T. resources to locate his baby sister, who was snatched off the street in front of their home ten years ago. Or better yet, how about the time you snuck Ginger onto base and fucked her in your room. A place she wasn’t supposed to be or ha…

#SixSentenceSunday WIP from our Apache County Shifters Series: Kalkin

This week, I bring you six sentences from our newest series: Kalkin. TL and I have lived and breathed this family of characters for many years.

Yesterday, we were finally able to type the end to our first book in our Apache County Shifters series.

It is also our largest book to date, coming in at over 100K!

 For your enjoyment, I bring you Kalkin: 

“So, what is your next tradition?” she asked trying to distract herself from his imposing presence. 

“Well, we are going to go for a little run through the woods.” Kalkin smiled at her as he sat down on the couch, to slip on his boots. “And I am going to catch you.” He growled. “Then, I am going to make you mine.” The idea of him catching her and fucking her out in the middle of the woods, caused goose bumps to appear on her skin and her panties dampen.

 “T-the woods?” She stuttered, anxiety and excitement coursed through her body. “I don't think that is a good idea Kalkin.” She shook her head, not ready to admit how much it actual…

#SixSentenceSunday WIP The Fallen Clockwork Angel

This week, TL and I bring you six sentences from our WIP, The Fallen Clockwork Angel. Enjoy!
This little witch was an innocent. Unknowing of men and the power which could be attained by women, simply by showing her boobies, arse or allowing a man to rut between your thighs. She glanced at Annabelle, who knew exactly what the doctor’s intention was. “He often referred to us as the Muscle and the Whore.” Clara blinked at her bluntness. “I’m sure you can guess who was who in that dynamic.”

Check out TL Reeve's site for a snippet of Darkness Rises.
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New Release: Rule Breaker (Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T Book 1)

Today is release day for TL Reeve and I, Whoo Hoo!

We're pleased to bring you Rule Breaker, the first in our series for Black Ops: Project R.O.O.T through After Glows Publishing, Smex Files line.

We both hope you all love Asher Rainer and his bluntness as much as we loved writing it!

Asher Rainer, a tough as nails commander, leads an undercover black ops group: Project R.O.O.T. sanctioned by the U.S. government. What should have been a routine mission to obtain reconnaissance, devolves into a mass casualty situation. The whys of which are unknown. His only eyewitnesses to the crimes committed by the rogue mercenary unit are Dr. Rae Kenzie and one of Barclay’s own members, Joseph Franks.

Rae Kenzie, a physician with Doctors Without Borders, is currently on rotation in South America. What should have been a routine inspection by the local guerilla army, turns into a bloodbath. Without any thought to her wellbeing, Rae rushes to protect the village children in the clinic from cert…