#SixSentenceSunday with Kalkin

It's been a crazy week. The indie world was set on its ear when a well-known writer decided to TM a word often used in Romance/Erotica. I refuse...I mean I absolutely refuse to say the author's name. I simply refer to her as you know who or the one who shall not be named. I consider her Voldemort to be honest. It's just easier for me.

I've been reading everything that's been posted, both sides. TL has also been keeping me in the loop when new stuff goes down and I'm not around.

Listen, I understand wanting to TM your name, your series name. I get it. I  just don't get or like how it's been done. It smells of bullying and there just has to be a better way.

There just has to be.

And I believe, as in this is my opinion, it's going to end badly.

There is not much I can do. TL and I don't have a horse in this race, but we're going to support those who do, in any way we can. Either by sharing books they've had to change the title on because they've been advised to, or just by spreading the word.

I'm am grateful and blessed to be apart of this writing community. Many authors, big and small are giving support to those dealing with this. No matter how large of a group we are, we're still a very close-knit group and I think people forget what happens to one of us, can happen to all of us.

That's just my two cents. You can either agree or disagree with me and that's okay.

I'm getting off my soapbox now and let's talk about why you're here. It's #SixSentenceSunday and I'm going to give you my sentences from Kalkin.

As I already stated before, we got a new publisher for the series. TL and I are beyond excited to be working with Twisted Erotica Publishing.

Kalkin is set to release sometime in June. We don't have a firm date yet, but once we do, we'll let you know. Caden will follow in September. FYI, you're going to need a box of tissues and maybe a glass of wine or two when you read Caden's story.

We also got a new cover for Kalkin.

It's gorgeous. 

“No, Keeley. This is the first time for me also. My brothers and I avoid full moon cycles as best as we can. It’s not really a mate thing.” He sighed. “It’s complicated. I knew you were my mate the first day I saw you. My wolf wanted you. I haven’t had a partner in years. Never even been interested in anyone outside of the full moon and let me tell you, Rosie and her five sisters have helped me through more than a few cycles."

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