#SixSentenceSunday from Darkness Rising from the London Calling Box Set

This week's #SixSentence Sunday is from Darkness Rising available in the London Calling Box Set due to release October 17th, 2017.

Initially, when TL came to me, telling me of her idea and asking me if I wanted to co-write the series with her, I almost told her no. It was way out of my comfort zone. Steampunk? Victorian? I knew next to nothing about Steampunk. As to Victorian, I cut my teeth reading Historical and Victorian romances before moving onto Contemporary years later. But this by no means made me qualified to write them!

I can never tell TL no. (I think she knows it too!) She has a new idea. Let's go for it. A new plot twist. Let's do it, see where it leads us. Obviously, I didn't tell her no on this either, because I think it's good to go out of our comfort zones and experiment. And so we began writing it and to my surprise, I loved writing in this world, researching the terms and time period. Darkness Rising was just one of those books that worked. It was easy, it was fun and we had it written in no time. And both of us are extremely proud of the work we put into it.

Here are our six sentences, although I'll be honest, it's more than six. But I don't think anyone will mind!

“It is not lacking. I am well educated in how to kill monsters of any kind,” she snapped.
 “We are not monsters,” he corrected her. “You might get further with us if you stopped referring to us as such.”
She snorted. “What would you call yourselves than?”
“Not monsters. Monsters have no feelings, no thought or care to protect those of the world we live in.”
She cocked her head to the side. “You consider yourself humans,” she whispered.
“Monsters have no humanity. We have, thankfully, retained some of ours.
She snorted. “You are aware Jonah murdered a female other night.”
“I am. It was an accident, and you realize, humans are also capable of taking another person’s life. It was never his intent to take her life. The spell, which brought back those creatures and activated the ley lines, it affected him since he is, well…undead too.”
“He is dangerous,” she stated the obvious.
“We all are. Even you, Miss. Craig.”
“People are not moving to the other side of the street to avoid me,” she hissed.

“True. But given the correct circumstances, you are just as capable of taking a life as any one of us. I can assure you Jonah does not make a habit of going out to kill females. It is just not his way. It is none of our way.”

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