#SixSentenceSunday with Kalkin.

This week #SixSentenceSunday is from Kalkin, our first book in our new series of Apache County Shifters. TL and I started this book a while ago. I think more than three years ago. We had the idea, outlined it and started writing. And then we just stopped, both agreeing something wasn't working.

We moved on to writing our TSU series writing Unrequited Mate and Sorority Row.  Since TSU intertwines with ACS we loved adding the humor of older shifters from our ACS world, even though we had yet to finish a single book in the series.

It gave us the spark we needed to get back to Kalkin. Which we did, with a vengeance. Kalkin is our biggest book to date at 103K words!

TL and I loved writing Kalkin. Often we'd giggle together at the funny parts or tear up at the deeper family dynamics.

Kalkin is currently in editing. We finished our first round just last night. It has a tentative release date for January 9th, 2018 with After Glows Publishing.

TL and I like to joke we're patiently impatiently waiting for the cover, which has the model we always envision for Kal.

Her head snapped up when she heard Dani call out. Deep in her thoughts, she hadn’t realized Danielle didn’t follow her, or the fact she stood beside the wrong vehicle. Damn it. She glanced up. Kalkin still stood in the same spot where she left him and Caden continued to sit at the table while Dani walked in the other direction.
“We need to get Aiden, and he is this way.” Her sister pointed to Mrs. Martin’s store down at the other end of the street. She felt the flush flare up her in her cheeks as it dawned on her: she’d forgotten all about the pup or what they were supposed to be doing while in town. This is why you can’t have nice things.

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